Planning console

Planning console is the easiest planning tool. It makes your show planning easy. With integrated storyboard you can go through your storyboard while your planning a scene it helps you to plan every small detail of a scene. Add multiple asset, or an asset multiple times.

Plan it and relax, and leave all the worries to pipeline.TD-{2010}.


Approval console
Browsing folders and looking for images/videos, sending mails to artist is HISTORY NOW! Here everything happens inside a small and easy to use tool. It also has many automated features like file forward which sends file to the next department once approved. Send greeting to the user once his model, or scene is approved and Notify when disapproved. Compare with previous versions. Read/Write comments and lot more.


Admin console
Manage your projects, users and files. Check artist work history, File status, Update rigs and other files with 1-click, Review and revert previous version of your files, Automatic scene generation for layout when assets are ready.



Globally Accessible
Cross Platform
Integrated Database
Fully Integrated with Maya



Planning Console

Approval Console

Admin Console

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I am a technical-artist with 9 years of experience in cg production, have worked on animated TV-series, Bollywood movies and TV-commercial.